The Hunters Two
The Hunters Two
General Information
First Appearance: Animal Man Annual #1 (May, 2012)
Created by: Jeff Lemire
Timothy Green II
Founder(s): The Rot
Leader(s): The Rot
Current Members: None
Former Members: Rene Deschamps
Carl Frears
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: TBA



Former Mountie Rangers killed and brought back by the Rot to kill Jacob Mullin, the avatar of the Red during the late 19th century. Originally a pair of Mountie Rangers based in Ottawa, Captain Rene Deschamps and Deputy Carl Frears were called upon for assistance by the villagers of Stone Lake, Manitoba. The village had been affected by a mysterious plague epidermic, wiping out all their crops and animals. It was decided that a group of volunteers would venture into the nearby Boreas Forest and investigate the spreading illness. After dark and camp had been made, Frears had to go take a leak. It was at this time Jacob Mullin woke up screaming "It's coming!", heralding the Rotling animal attack, including one disembowelled Frears clutching his spilt guts. Deschamps warns his companion to stop but he does not, so he is forced to shoot Frears in the head. This does not stop him however, in which he proceeds to decapitate Deschamps. The Rotlings continue to massacre the volunteer party, including Aaron Ofner. The recently beheaded Deschamps gains a new one when he merges together with a brain-like Rotling with long sharp pincers. Together with Frears they confront Jacob, now realising he is one of the newer minions of the Red; "You...You are a knight of the Red. You are a weak" Luckily for Mullin, the Swamp Thing of that time, Old Jack Crow turns up unexpectedly and whisks him away to safety, to the enragement of the Hunters Two. Later on after the Rot had assimilated most of the village, Mullin goes back to his son Henry when the Hunters Two attack again. The twisted remains of Deschamps has Old Jack Crow pinned down, as Mullin decapitates Frears with his new-gained powers. He then proceeds to pull the Rot right from Deschamps' bones, finishing off the Hunters Two and ending the incursion for now.




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