The Hunters Two
The Hunters Three
General Information
First Appearance: Animal Man (Vol 2) #1
Created by: Jeff Lemire
Travel Foreman
Founder(s): The Rot
Leader(s): The Rot
Current Members: Unknown
Former Members: Unknown
Status: Active
Base of Operations: TBA



Former avatars of the Red, the Hunters Three fell from grace, becoming agents of the Rot. The Hunters Three were once men and women who personified the life web and protected it as avatars of the Red. In death, they joined as totems in the Parliament of Limbs. They were unsatisfied with this and were corrupted by the Rot, which transformed them into the Hunters Three.

The Hunt For The Baker FamilyEdit

The Hunters Three first appear to Buddy Baker while he is dreaming in the Red. They claim to be the true fathers of Maxine Baker and will take her for the Rot. At the San Diego Zoo, three hippos begin to swell and burst as the Hunters Three emerge from the corpses. They feed on and take the skin of the zoo keepers and proceed to track down Maxine. The Hunters arrive at Animal Man's home only to find his wife and son. They split up, two of them entering the Red to take Maxine, while one captures Buddy's wife as her womb will be able to bear another avatar of the Rot. It breaks into the home and chases Ellen and Cliff who escape. The other two take on Animal Man who is defending Maxine in the Red. Animal Man is badly injured but Maxine is able to heal him using her new powers. The two Hunters retreat from the Red as the third takes the form of Detective Krenshaw, a trusted friend of the Bakers, and meets up with Ellen and Cliff. He reveals his true form to them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • The Hunters Three each have their own distinctive forms within the Red with accompanying physical attributes. One appears as a strong four legged creature of brute strength and another a large insectoid capable of delivering a venomous bite to Animal Man. They are able to fit their real world forms, partially, within the skin of a human host for a time. The full extent of their capabilities have yet to be seen.


  • Coming Soon




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