Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing Jack Crow
General Information
Real name: Jack Crow
First Appearance: Animal Man Annual #1 (May, 2012)
Created by: Jeff Lemire
Timothy Green II
Affiliations: The Green
The Parliament of Trees



Old Jack Crow was known as an Indian Trapper and lived alone in the woods of Stone Lake, Manitoba. However, in 1894 came the first time he encountered creatures of The Rot. The creatures of The Rot burned him alive and as he was near death Jack ran into the local swamp where The Green took hold of him and pulled him in; there they transformed him into their new Swamp Thing.

A Friend of Jacob MullinEdit

As Jacob Mullin is attacked by The Rot, Swamp Thing saves him and returns him to the safety of his home. Once Jacob recovers, Jack grows a plant, tears it off and feeds it to Jacob which explains to him how he came to be and his role in the balance between The Red, The Green and The Rot. Jacob panics and flees back to his hometown and family however once he arrives most of them have been transformed by The Rot. Jack erupts from the ground with massive vines and saves Jacob again. Jacob finds his son and some townspeople hiding in a church as The Rot begins to mass before them. Led by The Hunters Two, The Rot face off against Swamp Thing and Jacob as the new Animal Man. Swamp Thing and Animal Man defeat The Rot. Later at the graves of Jacob's wife and daughter, Jack grows beautiful flowers on their headstones.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Coming Soon


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