General Information
Official Name: Shazamobile
First Appearance: Shazam #33 (1978)
Type: Vehicle
Used by: Captain Marvel



While covering the Indianapolis 500, Billy Batson and the spectators are surprised by the arrival of Mister Atom, acting as an agent of Mister Mind, he uses his head to feed a racing car called Atomobile and challenge the humans to a race. If he won he would contaminate the city with its radiation.

Billy becomes Captain Marvel to challenge him and, using the wisdom of Solomon, builds a car powered by mystical power. Obviously Captain Marvel wins the race, but Mister Atom tries to contaminate the city anyway, after a close fight Captain Marvel sends the android into orbit of the sun. Later he donated the car to a youth group. But without his energy, it becomes just an ordinary car.


  • A group of boys named the car.

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