Roger Denning
Roger Denning - DCnU
General Information
Real name: Roger Denning
First Appearance: Strange Adventures #180
(September, 1965)
Created by: Dave Wood
Carmine Infantino
Affiliations: Buddy Baker

Roger Denning is Buddy Baker's friend.


Roger Denning and Buddy Baker had been friends since their teen years when they used to go hunting together. Roger and his wife Tricia later console Buddy after a terrible event happens to his family.


In 52, Roger is revealed to be a cad. He and Tricia have divorced because he was seeing three different women at the same time. He also tries to romance Buddy's wife Ellen when Buddy is presumed dead.


Roger is helping out on the film set of Chicken Thief 3 while Buddy Baker performed at stunt high above him.

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