General Information
Real name: Nyola
First Appearance: All Star Comics #2 (Fall, 1940)
Created by: Gardner Fox
Sheldon Moldoff
Affiliations: Monster Society of Evil
Abilities: Weather Manipulation
Portrayed by: None

Nyola was a member of the Monster Society of Evil.


Nyola was a mad Mexican Aztec priestess with the power to control the weather. In 1940, Nyola attempted to murder an Irene Norris in retaliation for an unflattering book her brother wrote about her Aztec tribe. Hawkman intervened and defeated the villainess. Two years later Nyola returned as the leader of the Monster Society of Evil, a team of super-villains who met defeat at the hands of the All-Star Squadron.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nyola was granted the ability to control the weather by the Aztec rain god.

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