Animal Girl
Maxine Baker
General Information
Real name: Maxine Baker
First Appearance: Animal Man #1 (September, 1988)
Created by: Grant Morrison
Affiliations: The Red
Buddy Baker
Abilities: Animal Mimicry

Maxine Baker is the daughter of Buddy and Ellen Baker. She calls herself Animal Girl.



As the daughter of Animal Man, Maxine Baker was involved in a number of his adventures, eventually developing her own powers.

At the conclusion of The Children's Crusade, Maxine decides to stay in the fantasy world of Free Country indefinitely, having left behind a duplicate of herself in the real world to be with her family.

The duplicate proved to be unstable, it lacked the ability to reason or speak. Eventually it wandered off into the snow and froze to death. Maxine, sensing her family's distress, returned to Earth from the Free Country.


Since the changes to the Timestream, Maxine is now a young girl with a strong connection to The Red. She visits the elemental realm in her dreams, and seems to know more about it than her father Buddy - the supposed avatar of The Red.

When a threat from The Rot emerges against The Red, Maxine leads her father to the home of the Totems, all of the former avatars of The Red. There, they reveal that it is not Buddy who is the current avatar, but Maxine. Buddy was merely meant to father and protect her. Maxine was needed in the fight against The Rot.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Animal Mimicry


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