General Information
Real name: David Reid
First Appearance: Justice Society of America #12
Created by: Geoff Johns
Alex Ross
Dale Eaglesham
Affiliations: Formerly Justice Society of America
United States Marine Corps
Abilities: Expert Combatant
Military Training
Portrayed by: None



Lance Corporal David Reid, great-grandson of Franklin D. Roosevelt, was with the Marine platoon assigned to halt the looting of the National Museum of Iraq during the Iraq War. Reid tracked one of the looters and found an artifact; upon touching it, Reid blacked out, waking up three weeks later to find that he was now filled with plasma energy and that a mark shaped like the Eye of Providence had opened up on his left arm. With the aid of a pointed hand-held device (which got him the nickname “Lance”), Reid was able to project focused blasts of energy.

Newest JSA MemberEdit

Because the modern Justice Society of America tries to keep the legacies of former heroes alive, and because Franklin Roosevelt was credited with bringing the JSA together in the first place, the Society asked Reid to join them.

David Reid was recently killed by members of the African Congo Army who successfully destroyed his energy lance. Reid was revived by Gog in the recreated format of Magog. It is presently unclear how similar or different Reid is after dying and being revived to his former personality and memories.

Brightest DayEdit

Continuing his solo adventures, Reid further alienated himself from the rest of the superhero community. During the Brightest Day event, Max Lord used and manipulated Reid, forcing him into a confrontation with Captain Atom. This confrontation ended in many deaths. Once Lord was done with Magog, he forced Reid to kill himself.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Energy Projection: Able to generate and then release plasma energy in concentrated offensive bursts, though he can do so with no aids he prefers to channel his energies into a more focused beam through a multi-head lancing spear. His energy is now focused through his spear and currently seems powerful enough to be on the same level of Allen Scott's green flame.


  • Expert Combatant
  • Military Training


  • Apparently Superman-Level


  • David has all the normal weaknesses of a human male (i.e, will fail upon lack of air, sleep food, fatigue, etc.)



  • Lancing Spear: that he uses to channel his energy through it.


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