Justice League Dark
General Information
Directed by: Jay Oliva
Music by: Robert J. Kral

Justice League Dark is an upcoming animated movie will be the twenty-seventh film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series and the seventh film in the DC Animated Movie Universe.


Swamp Thing[1][4] and Black Orchid[3] are also confirmed to appear but have yet to be cast.


In June 2016, it was revealed that an animated Justice League Dark film was in development as the next film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series. In July 2016, the film was announced at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con International and both John Constantine and Swamp Thing are confirmed to appear respectively. Zatanna, Deadman, Etrigan the Demon and Black Orchid will also be appearing as members of the team. The film was given the release window of Fall 2016. A sneak peek, with interviews by some of the creators, was provided as a special feature for the DVD and Blu-ray release of Batman: The Killing Joke.


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