Demon Knights
Demon Knights Vol 1-2 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Demon Knights (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 2
First Published: October 12, 2011
Previous Issue: Demon Knights #1
Next Issue: Demon Knights #3

Synopsis for "They Shall Not Pass"

As a bar in Little Spring is getting attacked by dragons sent by Mordru. Vandal Savage shows a great affection for the dragons as food, as he points out that he hasn't eaten one in centuries. The group is getting overwhelmed, but Etrigan gets inside the bigger dragon's head and bursts it from inside out. Back at the Mobile Palace of The Questing Queen, The Queen herself and Mordru realize that greater magic is being used at the battlefield, so, if they want to take over Alba Sarum, they decide the heraldic dragons will have to be sent, instead of the true ones they had previously sent. Once the battle at Little Spring is over, the Horsewoman arrives to warn the village that The Questing Queen is coming. However, Osric, son of Old Osric father of the village, refuses to leave town, and instead suggests that they will sell them ale. Vandal Savage laughs at the previous statement, warning that the Horde of The Questing Queen is not up for deals and will take everything. As they decide, Etrigan flees with Madame Xanadu in his arms. In the air, they argue because of waht Etrigan has just done. Xanadu refuses to leave them for their gratefulness at their help, but Etrigan states that he just is too evil to do that. Then, they get attacked by men riding Pterodactyl like creatures, while the Horsewoman intersects with the heraldic dragons: giant, artificial dragons made of steel. The town flees in terror, and the travelers decide to engage in battle when they receive a fleeing Etrigan who is being pursued by The Questing Queen's Horde. The Shining Knight decides to ride Vanguard to have a better advantage at air. As Madame Xanadu prepares a blood spell, The Questing Queen convinces Mordru to send a wave of giant fireballs to the vilage to end the battle once and for all.

Appearing in "They Shall Not Pass"

Featured Characters

Supporting Characters

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Other Characters

  • Osric
  • Father Theod
  • Dragons
  • Dinosaurs



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  • None Known


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