Black Orchid
Black Orchid Susan Linden
General Information
Real name: Susan Linden
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #428 (August, 1973)
Created by: Sheldon Mayer
Tony DeZuniga
Affiliations: Formerly:
Suicide Squad
Spirit Squad
Abilities: Disguise



A plant/human hybrid, she had ties to The Green, and through that to Swamp Thing, Floronic Man, and Poison Ivy. She was later killed.


In the Flashpoint Universe, Black Orchid was a member of the original Secret Seven, but was killed years earlier in an incident that left Shade, the Changing Man as the team's sole survivor. Black Orchid seemingly returned years later, but was later revealed to be, in an ironic twist, a shape shifting monster that had simply stolen her identity.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Unique Physiology: Although Black Orchid had a number of superpowers she could fly and was nigh-invulnerable her main ability was a mastery of disguise.


  • Disguise: She often spent an entire investigation impersonating an insignificant background female, such as a maid, a secretary, someone's girlfriend, and the others only discovered her involvement later upon finding the abandoned disguise with her calling card, a black orchid.


  • Coming Soon


  • Herbicide: Any sort of weedkiller can cause damage to Black Orchid's unique physiology.

In Other MediaEdit

  • Coming Soon


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