Amazing Man
Will Everett Sr.-1
General Information
Real name: William Blake Everett
First Appearance: All-Star Squadron #23 (July, 1983)
Created by: Jerry Ordway
Roy Thomas
Affiliations: Formerly All-Star Squadron
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Will Everett was a promising young African-American Olympian who had competed in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin but whose post-Olympic career devolved into a janitorial profession. During an accident involving the explosion of some equipment he was connected to developed by the criminal mastermind the Ultra-Humanite, Everett quickly developed the ability to mimic whatever properties he touched. If he touched wood, then he became wood, and so forth.

World War IIEdit

At first, he was employed by the Ultra-Humanite as a henchman along with Curtis (as Cyclotron) and Deathbolt. However, his sympathies soon swayed towards the side of good after repeated exposure to the All-Star Squadron, a team comprised of both Golden Age characters and retroactive characters like himself, whom he joined and helped to defeat his former employer's machinations. He then served a lengthy stint as a member of this voluminous mystery man organization.

In February of 1942, the Squadron helped Everett defeat the bigoted villain in his home town of Detroit, the Real American. During the first great Crisis, Amazing Man was one of a group of heroes chosen by the Monitor to try and stop the Anti-Monitor's quest for destruction. On a future case, Amazing Man's powers changed so that now he had mastery of magnetism while losing his ability to mimic matter.

After The WarEdit

After J. Edgar Hoover revealed his identity, he and his family constantly received death threats. During the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s he gradually moved away from the extraordinary and into everyday life. He led anti-segregationist marches across teh country and was responsible for capturing Martin Luthor King, Jr.'s killer, James Earl Ray, becoming one of America's premiere civil rights campaigners.


It was later revealed that his grandson, Will Everett III (a.k.a. "Junior") also developed the same mimicry attributes. He was last seen in the hospital, visited by his grandson and was dying of cancer. The status of his son, the father of Amazing Man III, is currently unknown. For a brief time his grandson Will Everett III carried on the legacy of Amazing Man before dying tragically. Later another grandson named Markus Clay would take up the mantle of Amazing Man.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Magnetism: Later, his powers were altered, and he was instead able to magnetically attract or repel objects with his hands.
  • Inorganic Duplication (Formerly): Capable of transforming himself into a living, breathing facsimile of any material that he touched.
  • In addition to his powers, Will Everett was an Olympic-award-winning athlete, having won multiple awards in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.


  • Duplication Limitation: Amazing Man could not adapt the properties of a Green Lantern Power Ring. He once attempted such a feat, but the ring energy temporarily canceled out his powers, returning him to a normal state of being.


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