Amazing Man
Will Everett 3rd
General Information
Real name: William Everett III
First Appearance: Justice League America #86 (March, 1994)
Created by: Dan Vado
Marc Campos
Affiliations: Formerly Justice League of America
Extreme Justice
Abilities: Inorganic Duplication
Portrayed by: None



Will Everett III carried on his grandfather's heroic tradition, joining the famed Justice League of America at Wonder Woman's request. As a member, he was instrumental in defeating the Overmaster alongside the other members of the League and reformed members of the Cadre of the Immortal. Soon after this, Captain Atom formed a splinter group of the JLA nicknamed Extreme Justice. He remained with the team until its end.


Later, Will joined the Crimson Fox's unofficial re-grouping of Justice League Europe. In their single ill-fated adventure, Will was apparently killed by a supervillainess named the Mist, along with the Fox and Blue Devil. In Amazing Man's case, Mist tricked him into mimicking glass and then shattered him. It is assumed that he is deceased, but given the nature of his transformational abilities, it is possible that he could have been revived.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Inorganic Duplication: could cause his body to duplicate the properties of any inorganic material he touched from stone to glass. If he touched the pavement, for example, he became a sentient being made of living stone, with all its commensurate strengths and weaknesses.
  • Energy Absorption/Duplication: Will Everett III could also absorb and duplicate vast amounts of energy, as when he defeated the Overmaster by draining and duplicating its powers.


  • Variable


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